Himalayan Specials

Our menu consists of both
Traditional American Mountain Menu as well as
select few Authentic Himalayan-Sherpa Cuisine of Tibet & Nepal.



AKA DaalBhatt. Thali gets its name from the dish it is served in a Thali or a platter. This is a whole meal in one traditional Nepali plate which is served with your choice of Curry, Jasmine Rice, Mixed Pickle, Mixed Veggies and a bowl of split pea lentil soup. Thali is a staple food of Nepal. It is healthy, nourishing and full-filling.

Kukhura (Chicken) Thali    $20.99

Boneless chicken curry cooked in tomato based gravy and spices. Served with Bhatt (rice), Daal (split pea lentil soup), and Veggies.

Chyau (Mushroom) Thali    $19.99

Everything a Thali offers with cap mushrooms cooked in coconut milk based gravy and spices.

Channa(Garbanzo Beans) Thali    $19.99

Everything a Thali offers with garbanzo beans cooked in coconut milk based gravy and spices.

Himalayan Sherpa Stew      $14.99

A traditional wholesome Sherpa dish! served in a big bowl. Made with green beans, carrots, red potatoes, celery, and beef chunks cooked in warm flavorful broth.

Pork Momo (Himalayan style dumpling)      $15.99

10 pieces of Homemade Himalayan-style steamed dumplings filled wit ground pork, salt, cumin & paprika powder, fresh garlic, ginger, and onions. Served with a homemade tomato-based sauce for dipping.